NEW! Tweet @ScriptelSupport for #CustSvc

NEW! Tweet @ScriptelSupport for #CustSvc

Posted: Wednesday, June 7, 2017, 1 pm EDT

Tell Us How We Can Help — in Real Time — on Twitter

Scriptel Corporation, innovators in electronic signature pad and digitizer component technology since 1982, recently launched its own hashtag-friendly Twitter account with an eye on extending the reach of its #CustSvc efforts.

The company’s end goal is to add even more value to the mix. But, why?

According to Twitter, customer service is trending: “Tweets at leading B2C brands are growing by over 50 percent per year.” That’s a lot of hashtag action. What’s more, says Scriptel President and CEO Stephan Herron, @ScriptelSupport aims to make life easier on tech professionals and end users.

“Superior customer service and support are key to our success,” says Herron. “Twitter extends that reach, helping us better communicate with IT personnel, the larger tech community, our customers and partner organizations. @ScriptelSupport enhances that dialogue, as a real-time portal for tech updates and other developments.”

Scriptel is a trusted leader in capacitive pen, touch screen and Citrix Ready signature capture device technology with healthcare, document management, shipping/receiving, retail point-of-sale (POS) and other professional applications.

Notable products and software solutions include:

  • ScripTouch EasyScript 3.0
  • ScripTouch Sign and Save
  • ScripTouch ProScript
  • ScripTouch Remote
  • ScripTouch mSign

Those who use Twitter infrequently or who face complex problems are invited to use traditional channels to reach Scriptel’s customer support team. Click on Contact Us at, email questions to support[at] or phone (844) 972-7478.

“Scriptel prides itself on being accessible,” explains Scriptel Director of Strategic Marketing Steve Sedaker. “@ScriptelSupport adds a whole new dimension to our communication effort, helping us address and augment discussions customers raise online, via email and by phone.”

Scriptel is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and proudly offers Top Tier service and software integration support across various media. Tell us what you think! Visit and text your #CustSvc comments @ScriptelSupport.



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