INCOMING! Scriptel Delivers at University of Charleston

INCOMING! Scriptel Delivers at University of Charleston

Posted: Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 1 pm EDT

ScripTouch Technology Helps UCWV Mailroom Meet Increased Demand

Did you know that 51% of Americans now shop online vs. in-store?

With folks at UPS and The Wall Street Journal citing shopping stats like these, it’s no wonder the University of Charleston mailroom scrambled to keep pace. Enter Scriptel Corporation, which helped UCWV staff meet new demands with a ScripTouch ProScript interface-equipped Magstripe LCD Signature Pad (ST 1525).

What was 20 or 30 had skyrocketed to 150 incoming parcels per day.

“Our legacy mail system was woefully outdated,” says UC Senior Analyst & Developer Brian Baum, who researched and implemented the digital workflow and electronic signature solution.

Giving it a risk-free spin during a 30-day trial, Brian found that the interface’s flexibility eased its integration into UC’s existing system with minimal need for development. It also eased minds, as this was UC’s first foray into eSign technology for the mailroom.

“We (worried) that pressure to modernize would (lead us to) an ill-informed decision.”

To his delight the custom digitizing solution Scriptel recommended is entirely compatible with his current system, equipped to handle IT infrastructure upgrades and satisfies (3) key needs, by being:

  • Efficient at package handling and accountability
  • Scalable, so UC can stay ahead of future trends
  • and Secure, aiding encryption and authentication

Scriptel now plays an even bigger role in the experience of students, staff and faculty on campus, as the university has ordered additional units.

“We’re thrilled,” says Scriptel President and CEO Stephan Herron, “to help UC use our paperless technology to manage incoming parcels and establish a reliable chain-of-custody while ensuring its information security needs.

“I also think it’s a hoot that we found a way to make the school’s Golden Eagle mascot dance across the capture pad when its digital signature display launches into screensaver mode. Go, Golden Eagles!”

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