Scriptel Corporation Releases mSign

Scriptel Corporation Releases mSign

Posted: Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 11 am EDT

Scriptel mSign is the “Wireless Signature Pad” that Scriptel’s Software Partners have been demanding

Scriptel Corporation, a long-time provider of electronic signature solutions and capacitive pen digitizing components, announced the release of Scriptel mSign.

mSign enables any software application integrated with Scriptel APIs to turn Android or iOS mobile devices into wireless signature pads, will be available for download from

“mSign complements our USB signature pad products and gives users the ability to sign anywhere, wirelessly, using a mobile device. EasyScript 3.0 is the newest version of our unique, patent-pending EasyScript interface that includes the ability to switch to ProScript with a simple-to-use taskbar application,” said Steve Sedaker, Director of Strategic Marketing at Scriptel Corporation.

“mSign will work with any software currently integrated with one of Scriptel’s APIs, supports wireless communication over either private or public network, and can even work alongside our USB signature pads in the same system.”

mSign allows a mobile device to behave exactly as a Scriptel signature pad with all signature data passing over a WiFi or mobile data connection using end-to-end encryption.

mSign consists of three parts:

  • mSign Mobile, a free mobile app for iOS and Android
  • mSign Desktop, a desktop application which runs on the client PC that would normally have one of our USB signature pads attached
  • mSign Server, which is Scriptel-hosted and is free over public networks. It is also available to be licensed on-site for enterprise customers who require their encrypted signature data to stay within their own internal networks

mSign Desktop will be offered with a free 90-day trial period and then can be extended for regular usage at a one-time license fee per installation mSign Desktop is free to use with the iOS and Android mobile apps. The apps are installed from the app stores for $5 per month after the 14 day trial period. In addition to giving our software partners a wireless signature pad option to offer to their users, installing mSign Desktop will allow any user to take advantage of Scriptel’s free Sign and Save plugins and add-ons.

Using mSign together with Sign and Save and its plugins and add-ons will enable users at work and in their home environments to add high quality, authentic, handwritten electronic signatures to:

  • Adobe PDF documents (including placing a full digital signature for tamper detection),
  • Microsoft Word and Excel documents,
  • Google Docs and Sheets documents,
  • OpenOffice/LibreOffice Write and Calc documents, and
  • Virtually any other application via an image file or TWAIN scanner input

All without the need to purchase a new piece of USB hardware.

mSign Mobile and Desktop are available for download at now. Users can immediately take advantage of the mSign Desktop 90-day free trial.



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