Scriptel Corporation Releases EasyScript 3.0

Scriptel Corporation Releases EasyScript 3.0

Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 12 pm EDT

EasyScript 3.0 enables Users to switch between EasyScript and ProScript modes without changing Signature Pads

COLUMBUS, OHIO – May 2, 2017 — Scriptel Corporation (Scriptel), a long-time provider of electronic signature solutions and capacitive pen digitizing components, today announced the release of Scriptel EasyScript 3.0.

After July 3, 2017, Scriptel ScripTouch USB signature pads with the EasyScript interface will begin shipping with the new EasyScript 3.0 features, which allow users to switch the signature pad between EasyScript and ProScript interface modes and allow software developers to create customized workflows for the first time on EasyScript signature pads.

“EasyScript 3.0 is the newest version of our unique, patent-pending EasyScript interface that includes the ability to switch to ProScript with a simple-to-use taskbar application,” said Steve Sedaker, Director of Strategic Marketing at Scriptel Corporation. “EasyScript 3.0 enables users that may have multiple Scriptel-integrated software applications to be sure they can use one signature pad across all of them.”

EasyScript 3.0 is the result of continued enhancements to Scriptel’s popular EasyScript API. EasyScript enables simple plug and play, no-client-install capability with a signature pad. It is an ideal solution for browser-based applications that want cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility and no installed software maintenance headaches. The latest version of EasyScript adds the ability for our EasyScript pads to switch between EasyScript mode and ProScript mode with a simple click on the ScripTouch Assist notification area icon. EasyScript signature pads with latest firmware can operate with applications using either our EasyScript or ProScript APIs.

Enterprise users with multiple Scriptel-integrated applications running will now find that they no longer need to be concerned about whether a given application needs an EasyScript or ProScript signature pad. Backward-compatibility with any application using supported EasyScript or ProScript APIs is assured.

Together with the user-friendly ability to switch modes, EasyScript 3.0 signature pads will also allow our EasyScript software partners to program the workflow on the signature pad to provide a customized signing experience, a feature that had previously only been available to our ProScript software partners.

Software partners can immediately begin updating their applications to take advantage of the new EasyScript 3.0 customized workflow features, and may request support to confirm forward-compatibility of their applications to devices with EasyScript 3.0 firmware.



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