Now Carries VPSign Hardware and Software Now Carries VPSign Hardware and Software

Posted: Monday, October 17, 2016, 12 pm EDT

Scriptel® Corporation now offers VPSign Hardware and Software on it’s new ecommerce website Launched in early August, the new ecommerce website has established itself as a place where people and businesses can learn about the differences between electronic and digital signatures while exploring the impact and application of each form of signature on a wide range of business processes and industries.

Visitors also have the opportunity to evaluate products, services, and solutions that may fit their eSignature needs. This section of the new website brings together some of the leading manufacturers of eSignature solutions in one place and provides solutions that include software and hardware. now carries VPSign software and hardware, including:

VPSign Software

  • VPort Application:
    VPort is an application designed to be used with the VP Pad, and for sending PDF files to the VP Pad for signature.
  • VP Signature Wizard Designer:
    The VP Signature Wizard Designer allows you to easily configure and customize your application for mobile deployments in order to give you greater flexibility by creating a look and feel consistent with your business needs. The VPad Signature Wizard smartphone software comes in two versions, the VPadWiz Lite and the VPadWiz Pro.
    The VP UPDPAD utility allows you to keep your firmware up to date. No installation is needed, just download the EXE file and place it in a convenient location along with the accompanying BIN file.

VPSign Hardware:

  • VPAD 1400:
    Based on a document-sized LCD tablet computer with an integrated electronic pen, the VPSign’s VPad™ is an electronic document product that captures handwritten signatures that can display multi-page documents in full size while capturing handwritten signatures and modifications.

VPSign Accessories:

  • VPSign VPad Wireless Pen Replacement:
    Designed for smooth movement without damaging or scratching surfaces the VPad Wireless Pen is a sleek and highly responsive electronic pen that is both durable and reliable.
  • VPSign VPad Tethered Pen Replacement:
    The VPad Tethered Pen is an excellent choice for installations in high traffic areas where the pen can be misplaced or easily lost. The VPad Tethered Pen features a sleek design and can move smoothly over a variety of surfaces without causing damage or scratching.
  • VPSign VPad North American Power Supply Replacement:
    This compact, sleek power charger is designed to maximize power outlet space to maintain efficiency and access to other electronic tools.

VPSign is an IT company dedicated to providing innovative electronic document solutions to businesses, healthcare facilities and government agencies and we are happy to partner with them to offer a wide range of compatible solutions to the market place. For more information, please visit



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