eClinicalWorks National Conference Prizewinners


Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at the eClinicalWorks National Conference 2016 and entered our prize drawing! We held 3 drawings the first day, 4 on Saturday, and 4 on Sunday, with a few double spins on Sunday so that we could hand out all of the remaining prizes on hand. We always had a loyal following of drawing participants, with one customer coming to almost every drawing. Friday Winners: Donna Rice – Starbucks Gift Card Lamar Tidwell – SanDisk Ultra Memory Card Gloria del C. Amador Fernandez – Wireless Headphones Saturday Winners: Rita Bryant – Gaming Keyboard and Wireless Mouse Wayne Jenness – Anker Power Charger Sharyn Niederman – Anker Power Charger Kelly Dugan – Scriptel Flip Cup Jan Dawson – Wireless Headphones Sunday Winners: Ed Worthington – Scriptel Flip Cup Elina Bagdasarov – Starbucks Gift Card Jodi Bagley – Scriptel Flip Cup Caroline Godin – Scriptel Flip Cup Lynda Bast – Gaming Keyboard and Wireless Mouse Shayne Lewis – SanDisk Ultra Memory Card Grand Prize Winner Barbara World – Scriptel EasyScript ST 1476 Signature Pad