Scriptel Welcomes Release of EasyScript 2.0

Scriptel Welcomes Release of EasyScript 2.0

Posted: Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 1 pm EST

Scriptel Corporation recently welcomed an important upgrade to its patent-pending EasyScript “no client install” interface. The EasyScript 2.0 upgrade will really assist developers to deliver an upgraded user experience while still preserving all of the benefits of the original EasyScript. New upgrades include:

  • Support for real-time rendering of signatures
  • High resolution signature data (“biometric signature”)
  • Support for hardware thin clients and zero clients
  • Automatic keyboard setting recognition
  • Verification as Citrix® Ready

Developers looking to be OS, browser, and client hardware independent will love the flexibility EasyScript 2.0 provides. By emulating a USB keyboard, EasyScript sends signature coordinate data to the application encoded as keystrokes. This leverages native OS support for keyboards and eliminates the need for additional drivers and installed “applets” that create potential security issues and trigger frequent updates.

EasyScript 2.0 is based on the same reliable techniques that the original EasyScript used but adds on new functionality, including:

  • Keystroke streaming for real-time signature rendering
  • Loss-less compression to send high resolution signature data that supports biometric or forensic requirements
  • Automatic keyboard setting recognition for independence from OS region settings
  • Keystroke output rate setting to eliminate keyboard buffer overflows in low bandwidth, thin client, and virtualization systems

Many of these features were developed at the request of Scriptel’s software partners who wanted a real-time signature render and higher data resolution but not at the expense of giving up the “no client install” aspect. A critical concern was forward and backward compatibility of Scriptel signature pads with applications still using the original EasyScript API or adopting the new EasyScript 2.0 API. Scriptel worked with its partners to manage this transition so that all Scriptel signature pads can now ship with the same part numbers and the new EasyScript 2.0 capabilities built-in and ready-to-go. Applications still using the legacy EasyScript API will still work with newly-shipped Scriptel signature pads.



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