Scriptel® Corporation Announces Launch of Partner Page for SpruceWare.NET™ Integration

Scriptel® Corporation Announces Launch of Partner Page for SpruceWare.NET™ Integration

Posted: Wednesday, January 20, 2016, 3 pm EST

Partner page provides users with resources on integration of signature pads with SpruceWare.NET point-of-sale features

COLUMBUS, OHIO — JANUARY 20, 2016 — Scriptel® Corporation (Scriptel), a leading provider of electronic signature solutions and capacitive pen digitizing components, today announced the launch of their partner page supporting the integration of Scriptel’s signature pads with the point-of-sale features in ECi Spruce Computer Systems, Inc.’s SpruceWare.NET™ software solution. The partner page provides information on the integration’s benefits for Spruce users, supported models and customer support.

“Spruce is enabling lumber, hardware, and building material dealers to become truly paperless and eliminate waste by digitizing their business front to back,” said Steve Sedaker, Director of Partnerships at Scriptel Corporation. “Our new integration with Spruce allows users of their SpruceWare.NET platform to eliminate the print, sign, scan process by enabling them to capture signatures digitally at the point-of-sale and throughout their supply chain.”

Spruce is an international software developer focused exclusively on creating information management solutions for lumber, hardware, and building material dealers. Using the Microsoft® .NET framework, Spruce designed and developed SpruceWare.NET solution with open SQL database architecture, simple historical search capabilities, fully integrated graphical analytics and business intelligence tools, multiple catalog and inventory management functions, easy third party integration, single to multiple location scalability, dynamic reporting, and signature capture functionality.

Now fully integrated with Scriptel signature pads, SpruceWare.NET users are able to move towards a paperless business environment by effectively and efficiently capturing electronic signatures while combining them with documents to complete orders and manage transactions. SpruceWare.NET is certified compatible with Scriptel signature pads featuring the EasyScript interface, including the Desktop LCD (ST1501), and the Compact LCD (ST1551). All Scriptel signature pads are also verified as Citrix® Ready and supported in Terminal Services and other virtualization systems.

“The integration with Scriptel is an excellent thing for our customers,” said Greg Pfeiffenberger, Vice President of Implementation for ECi’s Building and Construction Division. “We are now able to provide a low-cost, easy solution for signature capture. Teaming up with Scriptel made the most sense to us and we are looking forward to a strong relationship with them!”

Scriptel’s patent-pending EasyScript interface was developed to provide developers and IT administrators with an easy way to support electronic signature pad hardware in browser-based applications without needing additional drivers and installed “applets.” By leveraging native OS support for keyboards and having the Scriptel signature pad appear as a USB keyboard, EasyScript enables a “no client install” integration and nearly automatic cross-browser and cross-OS compatibility.

About ECi:
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