Scriptel Corporation Launches GloveCap Capacitive Touchscreen Panel

Scriptel Corporation Launches GloveCap Capacitive Touchscreen Panel

Posted: Thursday, July 19, 2012, 6 am EDT

Columbus, Ohio — Scriptel Corporation (Scriptel), a global provider of capacitive touch sensor products, is pleased to announce GloveCap, a new capacitive touchscreen technology that is capable of registering contact through most types of electrically insulated materials such as gloves.

“GloveCap represents a new opportunity in capacitive glass technology,” said Winston Powers, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Development. “A major advantage of this technology is the ability to distinguish touch from bare hands to thick insulated gloves.”

By adopting the rising new industry standard thin film technology, the GloveCap sensor can be applied to many types of substrates including chemically strengthened glass, plastics, and other non-conductive materials. It can also be applied to curved or other non-traditional surfaces.

GloveCap provides users with several benefits, including:

  • Multi- Touch
  • Curved and Non-Traditional Surfaces
  • Designed for Rugged Environments
  • Advanced Glove Touch

GloveCap technology can be used in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications including unattended outdoor interactive displays, tablets, computer monitors, medical devices, in-car navigation, and industrial controls. Products using GloveCap technology will be available in Q4 2012.



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