ST1501 Signature Pad Introduces Platform Independent Solution for Web Environments

ST1501 Signature Pad Introduces Platform Independent Solution for Web Environments

Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2012, 2 am EDT

ST1501 LCD Electronic Signature Pad

Columbus, Ohio – March 5, 2012 – Scriptel Corporation (Scriptel), a global provider of electronic pen and sensor technology, is pleased to announce the launch of the ST1501 LCD Electronic Signature Pad for Web Environments.

“This signature pad innovation allows developers to reduce time and money in development while still providing a ‘plug & play’ solution,” said Albin Andolshek, VP of Business Development. “The ST1501U provides developers with a proven tool in a flexible format to serve the market’s needs.”

A ST1501U LCD Electronic Signature Pad integrates into custom web applications or platforms and includes browser agnostic firmware that allows developers to leverage any major web browser, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. The new signature pad also allows to connect to any major computer OS including Windows, Mac, and Linux without downloading 3rd party drivers or plugins to capture signatures from the device.

Historically, the only way to call a signature pad from a web browser was through creating custom Java or ActiveX controls. This solution not only requires significant development, but also consistent support due to the ever changing landscape across web browsers and operating systems. Scriptel’s solution addresses both of these issues by utilizing generic drivers inherit to all modern computer operating systems and passes signature data directly to the browser.

The device is designed and manufactured with universal integration hardware, and works with a variety of web based applications for Point of Sale systems at small and medium businesses, transactions in brick and mortar stores, Customer Relationship Management systems, online document sharing services, and cloud based systems.

In addition to being device and web browser agnostic, the ST1501U LCD uses Scriptel’s Static Capacitive Glass and Active Digital Pen technology, which is deployed in nearly 3 million devices worldwide. The primary sensing layer is coated underneath the glass, enabling it to perform in the midst of scratches and debris.

This technology also maintains a high palm rejection rate, allowing unobstructed signature capture when hands or fingers are in contact with the sensor, a feature uncommon in most capacitive digitizers. Designed to exceed 2 million signatures, the ST1501U LCD Electronic Signature Pad’s rugged construction also resists accidents including spills and drops and is tailor made for high traffic deployments.



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