How to Insert an Electronic Signature in Excel with Scriptel’s Signature Pad Plugin


Inserting an electronic signature

ScripTouch Excel Signature Plugin

The ScripTouch Excel signature plugin enable anyone with Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, or 2010 and a Scriptel Signature Pad easily capture signatures from within the document. This plugin bundle is included at no additional charge with our signature capture devices.

Snap to Active Cell

Signatures are automatically positioned on the location of the actively selected cell, making it easy to capture a live signature in a document that has multiple pages.

Signature Personalization

Need to sign in blue? Signature customization controls appear while signing and allow on the fly personalization of signature color, thickness, background color, and size.

Multiple Signatures

Unlike some signature plugins, we place no limits on the number of signatures that can be placed within the document. If your application requires many signatures, we have a solution for you.