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Scriptel ScripTouch Computer Signature Pads

Signature Pads

Low Cost & High Quality Signature Pads

If high quality at a low cost is important to you, Scriptel has a family of signature pads that is ideally suited to a variety of situations.

The ScripTouch signature pad family features high durability and quality at a very reasonable price. In addition, all of our signature pads have an active battery-free pen in a 1×5 form factor. Our signature pads range from the lowest price non-LCD Slimline models with the greatest economy, to our excellent backlit LCD models with features for mobility and comfort of use.

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Many Varieties of Signature Pads

Choose from six different signature pads with two different available interfaces: ScripTouch ProScript (for using signature pads in desktop applications) or ScripTouch EasyScript (for using signature pads in web-based environments). All of our signature pads are built to last no matter the price. We back the reliability of our signature pads with 2 to 3-year warranties.

Desktop 1x5 Signature Pad
Desktop 1×5
  • Active Battery-Free Pen
  • Durable Casing
  • No LCD for lower cost
Desktop LCD Signature Pad
Desktop LCD
  • Active Battery-Free Pen
  • Active Battery-Free Pen
  • Durable Casing Glass Surface
Slimline 1x5 Signature Pad
Slimline 1×5
  • Vertical Pen Mount
  • Wide Palm Rest
  • Snap-In Pen Tray
Slimline LCD Signature Pad
Slimline LCD
  • Glass Backlit LCD
  • Screen Slim: Less Than 1″ Tall
  • Wide Palm Rest
Magstripe LCD Signature Pad
Magstripe LCD
  • Active Battery-Free Pen
  • 3-Track Magnetic Stripe Reader
  • Glass Backlit LCD Screen
Compact LCD Signature Pad
Compact LCD
  • Glass Backlit LCD
  • Screen Slim: Less Than 1″ Tall
  • Big Non-Slip Rubber Feet

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