Scriptel ScripTouch Desktop 1x5 ST1400/ST1401 signature pads

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Verified Citrix Ready — Scriptel Signature Pads

For demanding enterprise environments that require capturing signatures from multiple workstations using Citrix virtualization products, the ScripTouch ST1400 Desktop signature pad is the perfect choice! For office counter-top situations, signatures can be reliably captured with the ScripTouch Desktop 1×5 ST1400 or ST1401. These have heavy duty construction for high usage environments and tethered active battery free pens. These pads are very economical due to their 1×5 writing surface, and do not sacrifice quality and reliability. Scriptel backs this all up with a 3-year warranty, and RapidCare overnight replacement service.

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If your installation uses a Citrix virtualization environment, you will find that the ST1400 is up to the task and is Citrix Ready! For Citrix environments that don’t support USB forwarding such as XenApp 6.5, Scriptel has a reliable software solution: ScripTouch Remote. ScripTouch Remote is modestly priced and easy to install following instructions on the Scriptel web site.


  • Active Battery-Free Pen
  • Durable Casing
  • Mounting Holes
  • USB Interface
  • Big Non-Slip Rubber Feet
  • No-Scratch Glass Surface


With very sturdy construction and including free software, the Desktop pads offer a 1×5 signing area, rugged construction, and a convenient holder to store the pen. The pad looks great on your desk and will last for years with premium cables and a rugged, battery-free pen (the same pen you’ve signed with at major and big box retailers for years). Headquartered in the US, Scriptel backs up its quality with a 3-year warranty and its RapidCare overnight unit replacement service.


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