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Go paperless with Scriptel signature pads that are low in cost, yet are still very reliable!

For office counter-top situations, signatures can be reliably captured with the ScripTouch ST1400. It has heavy duty construction for high usage environments and has a tethered active battery free pen. The pad is very economical due to its 1×5 writing surface, and does not sacrifice quality and reliability. Scriptel backs this all up with a 3-year warranty, and RapidCare overnight replacement service.

You may well have an application that already uses signature pads, but did you know that this same signature pad can be used to sign PDFs? And with a full digital signature, any changes to that PDF after the signature will be detected?

If you have the ST1400 Desktop signature pad, you can do this for free as often as you want. Download the free Adobe Reader and our free ScripTouch Sign and Save software and get fully secure PDF signing.

And it doesn’t stop there, Sign and Save can also be used as a standalone product to get signatures as high-quality image files, or can provide a signature to applications that accept scanned input via TWAIN, or can be called with its Command Line Interface (CLI) to work in a workflow automation platform. All of this is free if you have a Scriptel signature pad!

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