Scriptel ScripTouch Desktop 1x5 ST1400/ST1401 signature pads

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Low Cost & High Quality Electronic Signature Pads

For office counter-top situations, signatures can be reliably captured with the ScripTouch Desktop 1×5 ST1400 or ST1401. These have heavy duty construction for high usage environments and tethered active battery free pens. These pads are very economical due to their 1×5 writing surface, and do not sacrifice quality and reliability. Scriptel backs this all up with a 3-year warranty, and RapidCare overnight replacement service.

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  • Active Battery-Free Pen
  • Durable Casing
  • Mounting Holes
  • USB Interface
  • Big Non-Slip Rubber Feet
  • No-Scratch Glass Surface


With very sturdy construction and including free software, the Desktop pads offer a 1×5 signing area, rugged construction, and a convenient holder to store the pen. The pad looks great on your desk and will last for years with premium cables and a rugged, battery-free pen (the same pen you’ve signed with at major and big box retailers for years). Headquartered in the US, Scriptel backs up its quality with a 3-year warranty and its RapidCare overnight unit replacement service.


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