New Integration Enables Users of Delivery Management Solution to Easily Capture Delivery Recipient’s Signatures Electronically for Verification and Liability Release

COLUMBUS, Ohio — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Scriptel® Corporation (Scriptel), a leading provider of electronic signature solutions and capacitive pen digitizing components, today announced the integration of Scriptel’s EasyScript signature pad line with Excercio’s PakLog V5 Package Delivery Management Software and the launch of a partner page in support of the integration, featuring additional resources, compatible models and access to customer service.

“Scriptel’s signature pads are a great new option to provide our customers with a high quality signature pad that is very easy to implement…”

Mustafa Raja, Founder and Owner of Excercio, LLC

“Proper package delivery management is essential to the daily operations of businesses as well as our everyday lives. To keep pace with the demand, delivery service providers are becoming more efficient and accurate in predicting delivery time and documenting the process to provide recipients with access to timely information throughout the shipping process and documentation of final delivery,” said Steve Sedaker, Director of Software Partnerships at Scriptel Corporation. “This process is becoming completely paperless and reduces errors by eliminating paper from workflows. Our signature pads are rugged, durable, and easily installed as a cloud-based solution that is compatible with all web-browsers. We are very excited to be able to offer a cutting edge solution to PakLog V5 users through this integration.”

Excercio’s PakLog V5 is a leading Package Delivery Management solution that automates package management processes, enables users to manage and log packages throughout the pipeline from shipping to delivery, dynamic reporting and tracking, automatic email and text notifications for packages, free mobile apps and e-signature capture functionality to capture delivery recipient signatures for proper verification and liability release records.

“We have been using an expensive alternative product for years with PakLog that had somewhat of a monopoly in the market,” said Mustafa Raja, Founder and Owner of Excercio, LLC. “Scriptel’s signature pads are a great new option to provide our customers with a high quality signature pad that is very easy to implement.”

Now fully integrated with Scriptel’s EasyScript signature pads, Excercio’s PakLog platform is compatible with Scriptel EasyScript signature pads, including the ScripTouch Desktop LCD (ST1501) and the ScripTouch Compact LCD (ST1551). All Scriptel signature pads are also verified as Citrix® Ready and supported in Terminal Services and other virtualization systems.

Scriptel’s patent-pending EasyScript interface was developed to provide developers and IT administrators with an easy way to support electronic signature pad hardware in browser-based applications without needing additional drivers and installed “applets.” By leveraging native OS support for keyboards and having the Scriptel signature pad appear as a USB keyboard, EasyScript enables a “no client install” integration and nearly automatic cross-browser and cross-OS compatibility.